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"A Great Little Show That I Highly Recommend."
-Jack Neal, KUNR Radio


"Outlandish…Totally Unpredictable…Downright Hilarious!"

Every show is completely different. He takes volunteers from the audience and performs a mass hypnosis. There's nothing planned, there's nothing scripted. It's completely real."
Reno Gazette Journal

"Chris Cady entertains with thepower of suggestion...You will laugh harder than you've ever laughed in your life"
Reno Magazine

"A Riot From Start To Finish!"
Eric Tao, University of Nevada Reno

"One of the best evenings for the family in Reno and  one of the best hypnotist shows Northern Nevada has seen." "...It's a fun space and Cady is having fun in it...
When the volunteers are hypnotized, Cady treats them with respect and humor.
and they never are put into any suggestive situations."
-Mel Shields, Sacramento Bee

Welcome to Reno's only ongoing hypnosis comedy show, Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized  In Reno Tahoe Comedy Hypnosis Show. It features comedy, hypnosis and real magic.

There  are  many  fun and wonderful things to do while in Reno, Sparks or Lake Tahoe Nevada this show is one of them.
It is probably the best nighttime entertainment in Reno Tahoe.

The show is called "Get Hypnotized In Reno and Get Hypnotized in Tahoe."
Featuring Master Hypnotist Chris Cady.

If you are looking for something to do in Reno and you want to experience some of The Tahoe Reno areas finest entertainment or you are attending one of our special events and  you also want tickets to this hilarious comedy show...

If you want to see  a show in Reno that is fun and safe for all ages... If you love entertainment...

If you are looking for an activity like magic, comedy and hypnosis...
You will love this amazing show..

Magic, mystery, comedy, and hypnosis are all combined to bring you an amazing entertainment experience.

"Get Hypnotized In Reno" is an all-ages comedy hypnosis show that features volunteers from the audience.  This amazing new show is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of laughs, as Master Hypnotist Chris Cady takes you on a mind-blowing tour of "fast-trance hypnosis." 

He combines comedy, drama, and the power of the mind to create a complete theatrical experience where audience volunteers are the stars of the show.  (Don't worry, he won't make you flap your arms and squawk like a chicken…)

Imagine... the lights go down, the hypnotist appears and volunteers fill the stage.  You'll witness a real hypnotic induction, and then the fun begins… 

Here are a few of the many different things you will experience during this hilarious show that includes props, music and hilarious HYPNOSIS:

   You'll be mystified as regular everyday people from the audience are transformed into dynamic performers like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber or Britney, all with just a simple word or snap of the fingers…

   You'll be amazed as men go into labor and give birth!

   You'll laugh hysterically as they become cheerleaders or swap brains with Albert Einstein and The Governator … instantly forget their names, dance like ballerinas … travel to Mars and speak Martian … someone just might become  Michael Jackson and moonwalk and many more outrageous antics

   This show is perfect for audiences of all ages, and the comedy is clean enough to bring your entire family (when allowed) or your company  Approximate show length 60 minutes!

   This performance uses real  hypnotism which will  blow you away. It is one of the very best events in Reno and by far the funniest comedy entertainment in Reno Tahoe that is modern yet clean enough to bring your family to ( when allowed by the venue)

  • This is the funniest performance of comedy  entertainment in the entire Reno Tahoe Nevada area.

(Note this show is no longer playing at the  theater  below. It is now available for private corporate shows, schools, organizations etc.

Night Club Reviews

"Get Hypnotized" with comedian-hypnotist Chris Cady is a great little show at Reno's (theater name deleated)
By Jack Neal

At one time Pat Collins, the Hip Hypnotist, called Reno home. Collins remains the biggest name in nightclub hypnotist show business. After her death in the late 90s glazed-eye nightclub acts just haven't existed in Northern Nevada.

Now that has changed. Comedian-hypnotist Chris Cady is performing weekends at Reno's __. In the right hands and under the right spell, on-stage hypnosis can be great fun. And so it was Saturday night (2/21/09), when I saw Cady's show.

There's nothing to fear about Cady's brand of humor, nor his way of entertaining folks by featuring as stars those under his transfixing demeanor. He does nothing in the least bit off color or embarrassing. As produced by Jeff Leep, who also operates the lights and sound for this shoestring production, Cady's droll approach to that old-black-hypnotic magic keeps an audience very neatly under his spell.

To his credit and the entertainment value of "Get Hypnotized," the thinning of audience volunteers - the painfully slow part of most of these kinds of acts - is done quickly, is lightly tongue-in-cheek and clicks along without interrupting the show's rhythm.

Since "Get Hypnotized" depends on who's in the audience for its humor, every show is different. Repeat business boils down to long runs and that's what Cady and Leep are hoping for. And that's what this nicely-packaged show deserves.

The show room, is a beautifully designed and inviting space that's perfect for the mysterious art and science of hypnosis.

But ultimately it's the easy charm of Chris Cady, his good manners and ethics, and his upbeat humor that makes "Get Hypnotized" a nightclub act suitable for families and just about anybody who wants a slightly-more-than-one-hour of good, clean amusement. "Get Hypnotized" is a solid new addition for Reno's nightclub scene. It's a great little show for the World's Biggest Little City that's a pleasure to recommend.

If you are looking for a fun activity for all ages and want something to do while in Reno this is a great night time activity for you  and your family to enjoy.

“Get Hypnotized in Reno" with Master  hypnotist Chirs Cady is  one of the best things to do and see in Reno.
If you are looking for a casino show Chris Cady is truly  Reno's Favorite Hypnotist.  If you are looking for hypnosis, magic and comedy this is the place  for you and your family to come.

If you are searching for entertainment in Reno or Tahoe and need Show and ticket information for Get Hypnotized Chris Cady's Comedy Hypnosis Show

All ticket info for this fun and amazing hypnosis  comedy show is at the top of this page. However you can always ask your hotel concierge to make reservations for you.   BE GRAND HAVE FUN, GET HYPNOTIZED.

If You Are Looking For a Reno Show and Some Fun Entertainment in Reno, Sparks Lake Tahoe Nevada or just something to do in Reno The Funniest Comedy Show in the area For All Ages
is Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized in Reno Comedy Hypnosis Show 

hypnosis shows in Reno stage hypnotist chris cadys get hypnotized performs live in Reno show comedy hypnosis show
hypnosis Tahoe Reno comedy show get hypnotized family comedy show in tahoe and reno nevada 775-425-5847
hypnotist Reno Nevada shows chris cadys get hypnotized in Reno show comedy hypnosis show
For the very best
entertainment in Reno Tahoe
come see this show
its hilarious
this comedy show
is comedy at its finest

"People who like Harry Potter and Cool Magical Sci Fi Books and  Comedy Movies Will Love This Show
Its Cool. Chris is like a real Harry Potter" - Samantha Kay, Reno Nevada

"Pants Wetting Funny!
Claudia Miller, Guest, Harrah's Reno

This is the best entertainment in The Reno Sparks Lake Tahoe
Nevada area and the only ongoing comedy show
in Reno book this show for your convention and have fun!

hypnosis show hypnotist entertainment reno Tahoe Sparks Nevada shows reno entertainment and special events  hypnotist chris cady comedy hypnosis show in reno and Tahoe nevada
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I love comic books and coffee and today I found a new coffee shop in Reno that  has both! Its called "Comics and Coffee"
they are located on the corner of Lakeside and Moana in Reno  just about 10 minutes from my office.

They are locally owned have their own unique theme which is COMIC BOOKS,  AND GAMES. They even have a stage for doing live events and due to my monster ego I pretty much love anyplace with a stage that I can get on.

You can come and  drink coffee grab a snack and read one of a thousand FREE COMIC BOOKS  get hypnotized by a GREAT COMIC BOOK STORY. This is a great magical place for creative people to get together or for "regular folks" who want to ESCAPE from reality and get hypnotized by fantasy for a while. Enjoy this little video that I made while I was there.

reno hypnotist chris cady and some hypnotized volunteers from his show
hypnosis cd stop smoking with hypnosis by hypnotist chris cady
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Working as a performing hypnotist and hypnotherapist and Living here in Reno Nevada we get to experience a lot of really cool events.    Just walking around I saw 3 local people who I hypnotized before.  One was in my show and 2 I'd helped  stop smoking. Both were still not smoking and I thought the lady who I'd hypnotized in my show was going to go into hypnosis right there on the spot. In hindsight I should have re-hypnotized her. It would have been fun.

Here's a fun video I made at Hot August Nights a few years ago.   You will see some great classic cars plus I sing with  Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers.