Magic Show in Reno Nevada

The Godfrey Family Magic Show in Reno Nevada 

If you are looking for magic shows in Reno Nevada you have come to the right place...

You can experience the art of magic and illusion with an  astounding comedy magic show that is "clean" and fun for the WHOLE FAMILY. . Don't miss this unforgettable opportunity to bring your entire  family to this   "family friendly magic  show"
where  we will feature a very  special  magician known  Godfrey The Magician.

Description of the show:

"Godfrey Family Comedy Magic In Reno Show"

   You will feel like you are a magician in the "Godfrey Family Comedy Magic Show."  The audience members are very actively involved in creating the magic in this performance.

   The show is a benefit for the American Lung Association.  Godfrey who is an asthmatic really appreciates the great work and accomplishments of the American Lung Association.
   Godfrey is very funny and an outstanding magician.  He loves his audience and it shows on stage.  His audiences love him in return. Especially in Reno.

You Can Be Part Of This Show And be a Big Star of this magic show while in Reno.

   There is a lot of audience participation.  Godfrey is an expert at having people participate on stage.  He has discovered the secret to getting wonderful reactions to his magic from the volunteers on stage.  You will love seeing your friends and family on stage with Godfrey making the magic happen.

   "Godfrey Family Comedy Magic In Reno Show"  production is 90 minutes of fun-filled family entertainment with a 15 minute intermission. 

   The laughter and amazement starts before the show even begins on stage.  Godfrey's pre-show entertainment of intimate magic is wonderful. 

   Before the show he will be mingling, performing crazy magic in spectators' hands.  Incredible things will take place just inches from your nose.  Some of the magic will actually take place in your hand.  You will be flabbergasted.

   All Of These Magical Situations Involve People From The Audience
   On stage a boy will have so many silver dollars falling out his nose you will think Godfrey had turned him into a giant  Reno slot machine. 

   A women from the audience will be sawed in half and magically super-glued back together. 

   A little girl will float in midair. 

   A lady will lay an egg without even saying "Ouch". 

   The audience will discover wonderful magic from China and Egypt. 
   All of the magic is amazing and stunning.

   This show is hilarious, with sight gags, surprises, comical situations, quick-witted ad-libs, funny stories, and jokes.  And, with so many volunteers in the show, crazy situations are bound to happen.  You never know for sure what people will say and do on stage live in Reno.

   Godfrey guarantees that the audience will leave the show thoroughly entertained with a wonderful happy feeling.


"Thoroughly Enjoyed By All Age Groups"
"Your show was thoroughly enjoyed by all age groups.  They type of entertainment that you provided fit into our fair atmosphere perfectly."
Floyd Bauer, Jefferson County Fair,

Master Comedy Magician Godfrey will entertain at the Pioneer Underground in Reno Nevada with his unique blend of family fun, comedy, magic, and audience participation!  This is a benefit  show for the American Lungs Association.  Godfrey is an asthmatic so he really understands and appreciates the good work that the American Lungs Association accomplishes.  You will love his success story about how he overcame his health challenges as a child.

"Your Positive Personality Really Does Inspire And Motivate People"
Everybody loved you and felt wonderful about themselves.  Your positive personality really does inspire and motivate people."
- Chris Allen, C.C. Allen Productions

Godfrey has entertained around the world.  You are going to laugh and be amazed at his hilarious comedy and mind blowing magic.  Not only will you get to experience the magic show, you could be in the show and perform the magic yourself!

"You left them laughing and happy."
"I had wanted to feature you on our Bluebonnet Stage every since I saw you perform in Fairbanks nearly ten years ago.  I was not disappointed.  Your showmanship and good humor formed a perfect match with our audience.  You left them laughing and happy.
Joe Lawton,

A women from the audience will be sawed in half and glued back together.  Godfrey will make any man's head disappear and it will be returned by the end of the show.

The Godfrey Family Magic Show in Reno Nevada

Godfrey the Magician's 2012 dates  posted soon. Meanwhile be sure to see the hilarious and magical comedy hypnosis show that plays here on Friday and Saturdays. Its Called "Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized  Comedy Hypnosis Show" and its  Reno's best comedy show with a magical flair to it. To see a video of his show see the bar below

magic show in Reno nevada Godfrey the magician performs in reno